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AgriLink's Speciality Services

Your reliable source for Market Intelligence!


India is most diversed and important global players in commodities.

AgriLink is one of the most advanced and relaible source for the market intelligence on Indian markets, be it Crop, Production, Quality, Raliablity & Credit report, Marketing & Supply Source etc.

What we offer

AgriLink is a customer exclsusive market facilitation provider. Depending on the size and scale of your business, you can choose from variety of options in our service levels. You can subscribe to our services from the basic services which includes just tradeleads, where as our Premium services includes daily news and market bulletin, 24 x 7 online Customer support, Daily market outlook by our analysts, Telephone support & Post trade analysis and solutions etc.,


Download trial report

You can download our trial report for once to get the qulaity of information before your subscription.




You can subscribe our reports by selecting any of the following options.


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